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What's New from 2007 to 2015

The magazine Mémoires from the Société généalogique canadienne-française publishes the article Généalogie et héritage de la famille Vanier in their volume 63, number 3, fall 2012, pages 203 to 217. This article is written by Yves Vanier, the result of his extensive research and collaboration over the past few years. Congratulations Yves!

Inspired by the work of Jean-Claude Vanier, a new web page Monuments funéraires de la famille Vanier has been put online, containing a number of tombstone pictures. Another way to honor and remember members of our family that have past away. It also serves as another research tool.

We have rediscovered that Madeleine Bailly (wife of our ancestor Guillaume Vanier) arrived in Québec city on August 15, 1671 on bord the ship named Saint-Jean-Baptiste. For more details, consult the article on the web site La Mémoire du Québec. Information that had previously been published on Bruno Vanier's web site.

Yves Vanier gives us another invaluable gift by taking the time to describe in detail the results of his fierce research from the past two years and his incredible discoveries made in Caen. In the document entitled La famille de Jacqueline Gaillard (French only, English version to come later) , Yves presents not only indisputable facts about the existence of our ancestors in France, but also dates, names and locations very important to our family history, which were unknown until today. In this document Yves skilfully interprets many records from the Honfleur parish and the family Notary Saunier archives, in addition to the record acte de règlement du 26 avril 1726, which unveils a surprising family story on what lead to the final record which settled the inheritances in France. Thanks again for this wonderful document and congratulations!

At the end of July, Yves Vanier visits the departmental archives of Calvados in Caen, Normandy, France. He spent a week researching the archives of 1724 to 1726 of the Vanier family notary in d'Honfleur, the tabellion Gilles Saunier. He finally came upon a record acte de règlement du 26 avril 1726 (French only, English version to come later), signed by Jean le Vanier and Nicolas Dunepveu, which settles de inheritance of Guillaume Vanier, Pierre Vanier et Jacqueline Gaillard (record transcribed by the paleographer Guy Perron). The record also contains the mandate given to Jean Le Vanier by his mother, his sisters and brothers in law to settle the inheritances. A record extremely important for the family which answers a number of questions raised in the article published on this web site in 2008: Jean-Baptiste Vanier - l'héritage en France de 1728.

Yves Vanier shares with us one of the most important genealogical discoveries in the history of our family: Our ancestor Guillaume Vanier had a sister Marguerite Vanier who lived in France!!! Yves even finds the children and grandchildren of Marguerite.

Another remarkable discovery: The mother our Guillaume, Jacqueline Gaillard widow of Pierre Vanier, gets remarried to a Nicolas Dunepveu. Jacqueline & Nicolas had 3 children (and many grandchilden), half brother and half sisters of Guillaume and his sister Marguerite!!!

Thank You Yves for your passion, tenacity and sharing these wonderful findings with us!

Yves Vanier discovers that the famous French-Canadian singer Emma Albani, born Marie-Louise Lajeunesse, is a descendant of Isabelle Vanier. Consult the Family Celebreties section to read her biography.

Launch of the Facebook group Vanier Family in North America. The purpose of this Facebook group is to communicate updates to the web sites and to the members of the family.

During internet research, Yves Vanier found that Lucien Bouchard and Claude Charron have common ancestors with the Vanier family in North America. According to a publication from the Institut Généalogique Drouin, Lucien Bouchard is a direct descendant of Pierre Vanier et Jacqueline Gaillard. Claude Charron is descendant of Marie-Charlotte Vanier.

Yves Vanier and Jean-Claude Vanier collaborate to write the biography of the Very Reverend Brother Josaphat Vanier. Consult the Family Celebreties section to read the biography.

Bruno Vanier publishes the web Généalogie des Vanier d'amérique du nord in order to share more details of his exhaustive 30 years of research on the Vanier family.

While searching the genealogical files of l'abbé André Cadieux, Jean-Claude Vanier finds articles on the Reverend Brother Josaphat Vanier

Bruno Vanier has generously decided to publish the result of more than 30 years of his research on the Genealogy and history of the Vaniers in North America [published 2009-06-06]. I highly recommend that all descendants of Guillaume Vanier read this important family document (in French only).

Jean-Claude Vanier transcribed birth, marriage and death records he found on the Family Search web site. Consult the archives section to access the orginial digitized and transcribed records

Jean-Yves Vanier purchases the family genealogy of Jean-Baptiste Honoré Edgar Vanier (45 MB file, in french) from an auction on the internet. The genealogy published by Gabriel Drouin in 1938, was then digitized by L'institut généalogique Drouin, with the goal of preserving the work and share its content with others. The genealogy contains paternal and maternal descendants of Jean-Baptiste Honoré Edgar Vanier, . On the maternal side, there are famous cousins such as Curé Labelle, Louis-Joseph Papineau, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Honore Mercier, Charles de Salaberry, along with other historical figures.

We have received correspondance letters (in french) between the most honorable Major General Georges Philias Vanier and the city of Honfleur mayor's office dating back to April 1, 1947. The mayor's office provided information about our ancestor Guillaume Vanier in response to a request from the Major General during his visit to Honfleur a week earlier. Letters provided by Paul Vanier

Paul Vanier shares with us a telegram from William Lyon Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada, sent to Aimée Lemieux in 1929, in regards to the death of her husband Jean-Baptise Vanier

Since the launch of this website in December 2007, more than 1000 descendants of Guillaume Vanier have been added to the Family tree of Vaniers in North-America. Consult the index of names to access the list of descendants and their spouses

Photos of the church Sainte-Catherine de Honfleur, native parish of Guillaume Vanier, have been added to the site

It has come to light that the shield Vanier des Vauviers has been for generations part of the family tradition in 3 different branches of the Vanier family in North America. Consult the The coat of arms section for more details

The coat of arms section has been revised based on new information provided by both Robert Vanier and Yves Vanier

1699 court ruling against Madelaine Bailly in a case opposing her to Thérèse Viel (in french). Thank you Yves Vanier for this new finding

Jean Quintal sends us his transcriptions of documents from the National Archives of Québec in Montréal in regards with the July 1679 trial between Guillaume Vanier et François Quintal (in french)

Robert Vanier obtains de complete document of the Lease agreement from 1673 between Guillaume Vanier & Olivier Morel de la Durantaye. Robert determines that the house was located inside de fortifications of the city of Québec

Robert Vanier obtains a digital copie of Jean-Baptiste Vanier's contract for the 1701 expedition to Détroit (in french)

Robert Vanier obtaines the 1672 marriage contract and record of Guillaume Vanier et Madeleine Bailly (original & transcribed). The 3 page contract includes a description of Madeleine's dowry

Robert Vanier obtains the 1704 marriage contract and record of Jean-Baptiste & Marie Hot (original & transcribed (in french)). The 7 page contract includes a description of the fortune of Jean-Baptiste at the time

Jean-Claude Vanier transcribed birth, marriage and death records he found in the Drouin collection. Consult the archives section to access the new documents

Mr. Vanier (de Laval) offers us new historical documents he transcribed, pre-dating 1728. Consult the archives section to access the first documents digitized and added to the site

The original document of the 1728 lawsuit of Jean-Baptiste Vanier is transcribed by Guy Perron paloograph, ordered by Yves Vanier. Trial Transcription (in french)

There appears to be documented proof that a number of Vaniers participated in the American Civil War of 1861–1865. The web page Civil War Enlistees from Constable New York shows 4 Vaniers enlisted, including Alexander Vanier. Discovery made by Cliff Timpson.

Jean-Claude Vanier finds a site showing the French-Canadian commemorative plaque listing Jean-Baptiste Vanier as a member of the expedition which founded the city of Detroit, Michigan

Yves Vanier recounts the story of his great great grandfather Jean-Marie Vanier and his involvement in the Rebellions of 1837-1838 in Québec

Robert Vanier makes a remarkable discovery: the original document of the 1728 lawsuit of Jean-Baptiste Vanier about the inheritance of his grandmother Jacqueline Gaillard, and his great grandfather Guillaume Vanier!

A Summarized & Transcribed Lease agreement from 1673 (in french) with the original signature Guillaume Vanier transfered of onto the document, courtesy of Mr. Vanier (of Laval)

Yves Vanier shares with us a family story about a lawsuit from 1728 about Jean-Baptiste Vanier and an inheritance in France

Yves Vanier discovers an 1899 publication which indicates that the Vanier Family name goes as far back as 1180

New document provided by Robert Vanier which claims that Guillaume Vanier was probably a soldier

New page with access to historical documents

Web site launched!

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