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Famile Tree for Vaniers' in North America

A few pioneers with the surname Vanier originated from France and arrived in North America. For example, Catherine Vanier arrived in Québec in 1656, Guillaume Vanier around 1665, and Germain Vanier arrived in 1669. Guillaume and Catherine originated from Normandie, Germain from Picardie. At the time, the Vanier family was seated in the seigneurie of Vauviers as members of the artistocracy of that region, however I haven't found a documented link yet between Guillaume Vanier and this aristocracy.

This web page provides you access to the family tree of the descendants of Guillaume Vanier, born in Honfleur in Normandie. The vast majority of Vaniers in North America are descendants of Guillaume Vanier since Germain Vanier did not have a son. The family tree obviously is missing a number of branches and there is surely incorrect information listed. Write to me to let me know corrections or additions that need to be made or if you think you are a descendant of Guillaume Vanier and you don't see you name in the family tree.

For the following pages, you have the choice of either clicking on the links or consult the index of names for quicker and more direct access.

Format of dates: year-month-day
?    Missing Information
...   Known information but not divulged to respect the privacy of living people listed on the family tree. This includes birth dates and the some family names since it would reveal the family name of two parents of a living person. This is to avoid the risk of identity theft.

Guillaume Vanier(16)
born 1580-1590? France(62)
died 1668 France(62)
* married ?
Pierre Vanier dit Lafontaine(4)
born ~1616 France(62)
died 1647 France(62)
* married ~1642 France(62)
Jacqueline Gaillard(4) (sister of Jean Gaillard(61))
Signature de Jacqueline Gaillard
née vers 1616 France(62)
décédée 1696-05-01 Normandie, France(61)
inhumée 1696-05-02 église Ste-Catherine, Honfleur, Normandie, France(61)
- Second marriage (after Pierre Vanier's death) ~1648 with Nicolas Dunepveu(62)
Guillaume Vanier dit Lafontaine Le chandelier (Pierre Vanier & Jacqueline Gaillard)(4)
Guillaume Vanier's signature in 1673
arrived in Québec around 1665
born ~1645 Ste-Catherine de Honfleur, Lisieux diocese, Calvados, Normandie, France(4) (biography) (stories)
36 years old at 1681 census, at lower town Québec(4)
profession: candle maker(4). Also "Archer de la maréchaussée".
died 1687-08-27 Montréal, Québec(4)
(accidentelly killed himself with his gun after returning from the war with the Iroquois indians)(4)
(death record)
* married 1672-07-05 Québec (marriage contract 1672-07-06 by Pierre Duquet/Becquet)(4)
(marriage records)
Madeleine Bailly ( Guillaume & Barbe Seillier ou Ceillier)
born ~1647 St-Jacques-de-la-Boucherie de Paris, France(4) (biography)
34 years old at 1681 census, at lower town Québec(4)
profession: mid-wife(4)
arrived in Québec city on August 15, 1671 on bord the ship named Saint-Jean-Baptiste(63)
died between 1734-03-26 St-Laurent, Québec
(transcribed & original death record)
- marriage contract (before Guillaume Vanier) with Jean Brière annulled 1672-04-06(4)
- naturel child Marie-Jeanne (unknown father), born 1692-02-20, died 1695-03-07 Charlesbourg, Québec(4)
- second marriage (after death of Guillaume Vanier) with Joseph Fernando 1697-09-27 Charlesbourg, Québec(4)
Marguerite Vanier
Signature de Marguerite Vanier
Signature de Marguerite Vanier
née vers 1643 France(61)
décédée 1724-05-14 France(61)
* mariée 1668-01-24 France(61)
Louis Picard
né 1644 France
profession: matelot(61)
décédé ?
Anne-Louise Vanier
born 1673-04-06
died 1750-02-06 Montréal, Québec
* married 1690-01-09 Charlesbourg, Québec (marriage contract 1689-12-27 by Gilles Rageot)
Julien Leblanc (Jacques Leblanc & Suzanne Rousseling dit Auvray)
born 1667-03-21 Montréal, Québec
died 1756-02-19 Montréal, Québec
Marie Madeleine Vanier
born 1675-01-03
died 1749-11-10 Charlesbourg, Québec
* married 1695-02-14 Charlesbourg, Québec (marriage contract 1695-02-13 by Jean Robert Duprac)
Jean Francois Martel (Honoré Martel de Lamontagne & Marguerite Lamiro)
born 1671-01-04, Québec
died 1715-03-14, Hôtel-Dieu, Québec

* married 1718-10-22 Charlesbourg, Québec (marriage contract 1718-10-21 by Jean Robert Duprac)
Jean Francois Barbot (François Barbeau et Marguerite Hédouin)
(widow of Louise Dumont)
born 1684-05-15 L'Ancienne-Lorette, Québec
died ?
Nicolas Vanier
born 1677-07-16 lower town, Québec
died 1680-01-14
Jean Le Vanier
Jean-Baptiste Vanier's signature in 1728
born 1681-06-21 lower town, Québec
(birth, marriage & death records)
(Member of the expédition which founded Detroit)
wood-runner in the terrirories west of the St-Laurence valley
died 1746-03-15 Montréal, Québec
(1728 trial over Inheritance)
* married 1704-08-18 Charlesbourg (marriage contract 1704-08-17 by Louis Chambalon)
(mariage records (in french))
(Inventory of their belongings in 1738)
Marie Hotte ( Pierre Hotte & Marie Girard)
born 1679-04-15 Petite Auvergne Charlesbourg, Québec
died 1711-04-14 Charlesbourg, Québec

* married 1712-06-13 (marriage contract 1712-06-12 by Florent de LaCetière)
(birth, marriage & death records)
Marie Charlotte Chamard ( Nicolas Chamard & Jeanne Renaud)
born 1693-09-05 Charlesbourg, Québec
died 1777-02-21 Sault-au-Récollet, Québec
Marie Marguerite Vanier
born 1684-03-29 Charlesbourg, Québec
died 1715-04-18 Charlesbourg, Québec
* married 1699-02-09 (marriage contract 1699-01-27 by Jean-Robert Duprac)
Charles Boyer ( Étienne Boyer dit Lafontaine et Lejardinier et Marie Thérèse Vielle)
born 1684
died 1727-03-18 Chambly, Québec
Pierre Thomas Vanier
born 1687-06-08 Charlesbourg, Québec
died 1711-03-20 Charlesbourg, Québec
* married 1711-02-09 Charlesbourg, Québec (marriage contract 1711-02-08 by Jean-Robert Duprac)
Marie-Anne Bourbeau (Eustache Bourbeau & Marguerite Brousseau)
born 1690
died 1731-03-18 Ste-Croix, Lotbinière, Québec

Catherine Vanier dit Loquet (? & ?)
arrived in Québec in 1656
born ~1623, Dieppe, Neuville, Seine-Maritime, France
died 1684-03-18 Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré, Québec

Germain Vanier dit Lafontaine ( Christophe Vanier & Jeanne Planton)
arrived in Québec in 1669
born in Beauvais, St-Étienne, Oise, France
died ?
* married 1669-09-30 Québec
Marie Cartignier (Robert Cartignier & Bonne Colombiers)
born ?
died ?

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